Summary of the next patch in May 2016

By admin the 4/21/16 11:43 AM

Those last few weeks Supercell flood us with informations on their blog and social media ! A majority of their post were about the next updates that are about to be released. So, let's go around all of those information and see what we can pull out.

Number of cards doubled in the crown chest.

The first change is about the daily chest : The number of cards is doubled. This will allow to increase the fastness on which the level of the cards is increased and collecting all the cards of the game will be more effective.

Increases in number of card request and donation


The second change is on the mechanics of the request cards every 8 hours. Indeed, starting the next patch the number of cards asked will be indexed on the rank of your arena. Until 30 normal cards or 3 unusual at the royal arena level.

New rules for tournament

The balancing continue with new rules for tournament (and for friendly battle). You can already talk about the limitation in the decks, number of legendary cards at level 1, epic cards at level 4, unusual cards at level 7 and normal cards at level 9.

Spectate Mode

It's during the first offline tournament in Helsinki that we were able to discover live the brand new spectator mod. It allows you to follow a battle live while hiding the cards that have not been played yet. A good idea to counter cheating and keep the suspens high.

Deleting the colored username

The developper also annonced that from the next patch you will not be able to put color in your username. To remind you, it's currently possible to change the color by surrounding your username by a tag Username where x is the color you want to use. After the update he will just show as Username without any color. But don't worry, you will be able to change it one last time to remove the tags.

Rumor: Gold winning for each win

For a few weeks now a word was going around in the forum, Supercell will add a gold winning for each win going from 5 to 20 gold depending on your arena level. It will be a way to handle the frustration level from the free-to-play users. However, like every rumor, no validation from Supercelle yet.